About Gold Silver Alliance

Gold Silver Alliance is an online retailer of physical precious metals. Our goal is to offer you the best VALUE, benefits, products, pricing and service, so we will be your first and only choice for buying gold, silver and other bullion.

Here’s how we’re different…

We are an alliance of seasoned gold & silver professionals who believe in offering our members a fresh, new approach to precious metals investing. We have an arrangement with the largest precious metals wholesaler in America, (and the 4th largest in the world).

Only a handful of other dealers in the USA have similar arrangements as ours. We get preferred pricing and the majority of our orders are digitally transmitted directly to them 24/7, for fulfillment. This multi-billion dollar wholesaler digitally receives your order from us, processes it, and ships it directly to your door.

Lower prices for you

This system is highly efficient and allows us to run our company with very low overhead. We pass those savings onto you in the form of lower prices. We believe our prices are the best you will find anywhere. However, if you find a lower price, give us a call and give us a chance to beat it!

Club benefits

Like you, we’re passionate about metals. We believe in educating, rewarding and over-delivering value for our customers. That’s why we created our one-of-a-kind Gold Silver Alliance Concierge Club.

You join for free and receive instant free gifts, savings and benefits. By purchasing metals, you can gain even more free gifts, savings and benefits at our Silver and Gold Concierge Club levels. (Plus we will continue to add more benefits.)

We’re all about offering only the highest quality precious metals at the very best prices. Our Concierge customer service agents are never paid commissions. You will never get the “high-pressure sales treatment” from us. If you need help in making purchasing decisions, we will guide you to decide what’s best for your needs. Nor do we hire Hollywood actors to promote our company in the mass media. We save a fortune by not using those advertising methods and pass those savings on to you.

Help us spread the word

We run a lean but extremely efficient operation. This allows us to offer our coins and bullion at very competitive prices that will make you smile. We rely heavily on our customers becoming part of “The Alliance” family and telling your friends about us. If you enjoy the great free resources we give… and if you love our low prices and great service, we know you’ll tell others about us and help us grow “The Alliance”!

Welcome to our family. We’re delighted to have you as part of our Alliance.

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